No-Code XAI-Enabled Knowledge Platform


bigRing One is an innovative IT company developing the no-code Knowledge Reproduction Artificial Intelligence software bigRing Consulting Platform™. With bigRing technology, it will be as easy developing the software robots bigBot™, as playing and constructing with “Lego” assembly bricks. Just master the visual modeling capability in Knowledge Deep Graph of bigRing Causality Model™ and you will be able to develop your bigRing Intelligent Information System, conduct complex problem-solving with bigRing Augmented Analytics, or teach your computer any knowledge and experience in the same way the humans do.

Discover the bigRing™ magic:

  • Digital Transformation powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Software solution that dynamically grows with your organization
  • Complete software offering integrated at the single Platform
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Graph explaining your data, processes and architecture
  • All data expressed with real-world meanings in complex Corporate Genetics
  • Visual modeling language capturing Causality relations between Knowledge Elements
  • Instant deployment of intelligent apps and solutions for non-programmers
  • Dynamic workflow with data access at your fingertips
  • Automate your processes by engaging bigBot™ virtual assistants
  • Empower your computer with Machine Learning senses

bigRing Knowledge Studio™

Explainable AI for knowledge experts, data scientists and end-users

bigRing Consulting Platform™

offers the unique feature of accelerated development of tailor-made software solutions and intelligent information systems. The user proficient in “visual modeling tool” of bigRing Causality Model, the universal language developed to teach any knowledge to computers, can perform multiple steps of software development process like Requirements Analysis, High and Low Level Design and Coding almost simultaneously with Testing, Deployment and Delivery of front-end Application or Software Solution, without actual human programming. This allows fast and efficient process of software design, “zero coding” and testing, that considerably saves time, financial costs and human resources needed by the client’s organization. The software development can be conducted in-house without the need of employing software programmers.

bigRing Innovative Approach to Software Development

The software solutions can be developed from scratch based on the desired “model of reality” even by non-programmers. Clients and their experts can design own tailor-made solutions or utilize and customize the pre-prepared bigRing Desktop, Web & Mobile Solutions for their own purposes and business needs.